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Russian girls Yekaterinburg Yekaterinburg Yekaterinburg is the city where a lot of attention is paid to the various marital agencies, especially lately, after the winning of the contest Miss Russia 2010 (and the lady who won the contest was from this city). The name of the winner of this contest, and as a result of the Yekaterinburg beauty is Irina Antonenco, and she simply conquered all of the men’s hearts by one look of her eyes. This amazing city is the fifth according to its dimensions and population in Russia, and its population numbers almost a million and a half of people. As in many other Russia’s cities, as well as not only Russia’s cities, the feminine population in it is much bigger than the masculine one.
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This means that Yekaterinburg girls are willing and are opened towards the meeting with the foreign men in order to relocate to their man’s country and to create a strong and healthy family with them. Though those ladies love and adore their country, its traditions, culture and people they tend to get married with foreigners as they suffer from lack of the attention from the local men. But creating a family of their own always was a priority number one for each kind of lady. That is not a too big sacrifice for a girl, as the result of this sacrifice is worthy at the end of the day. Meeting Russian women from the big cities has its own advantages of course as it means that ladies are ready to the life of a big town that is why it will be easier for them to adjust. And from the other side it gives you the opportunity to meet much more women than you would want to. As you would certainly wish to meet a few potential brides before making the final decision, the big city will help you doing it; with its various places there you can sit, chill and enjoy the good company. ekaterinburg_map In Yekaterinburg you will meet ladies that grew up in the urban area that is why they always had some big opportunities to develop as a personality, the opportunities that the women from the smaller towns never had and never even dreamed of.
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Girls from Yekaterinburg are having the chance to visit a variety of cultural institutions they can visit various theatres or galleries; also they have a variety of educational opportunities. In Russia there are a variety of universities that is why no wonder that while meeting some local ladies you realize that they have graduated a few majors in the university, and their degree of education is very high. The qualification that they have is very much appreciated throughout the entire world. Another significant aspect for the Yekaterinburg girls is that they can easily adjust to the new life style and new life conditions. A person that grew up in the big city is as a rule very communicative and has a lot of friends and simply contacts in all of the spheres, including the cultural one, that will make them easily adjusting to the new life in another country. Be ready to the fact that you will not be able to teach those girls discipline, as they are the persons who are able to go through everything by their selves. Though there are a lot of families and population that lives in the suburbs of the Yekaterinburg their level of life is very high as well, that is why it will not be easy to make them listening to you. It is a fact that girls from the villages had part of the various happy moments as well in their live that is why they of course will not allow you behaving badly with them.
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Yekaterinburg women

....... You will be very happy to find some modern, stunningly beautiful women that like some great style, and who know exactly what they want from life and how to get it.

................. And as a bonus you will get also a talented wife that knows how to do everything, from knitting napkins to making bread. But the top of the priorities for the Yekaterinburg women will always be family and everything that is linked with it.

................................For the sake of the family they will be able to scarify everything even the so called big city life, in order to give to their children a wonderful life and father, as of course there are a lot of single mothers marrying abroad as well.
.... With the help of those dating agencies located in Yekaterinburg, you will be able to meet your wife without even turning your head around;

....................................you will meet a stylish well educated woman with good reputation who will be able to make the happiest person in the world.


thai lessons ... & here .... ................... islamic prayers (azan) by diab ............

be careful of the selfish mindsets ............. http://retirecheap.tv/members/

a pof profile of interest............& ..........................


http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_pMM9Ya8YyLw/SzhWIXHYNnI/AAAAAAAABHA/-AJaDaG8vgs/s320/DSCF6372.JPG best feelings - bestfeelings

sulawesi travelog ... bandjarmasin .... (below) .. link .... so, imagine retiring there ..... hmmm .....

best feelings - bestfeelings

best feelings - bestfeelings best feelings - bestfeelings

.... the dense evening asian scene that is so familiar .... and so different from n. america ..

there is work there ... date in asia .... flores .... nice type of article .... chiang mai ...

Malaysia’s palm-thatched beach resorts make for dream vacations…powdery white beaches hemmed by palm trees…
tropical islands and rainforests filled with plants and animals you’ve never seen before. And it’s a haven for scuba divers ...
it’s also a place you should consider for a longer stay… even retirement. It’s safe, cheap, there’s no real language barrier,
and the country is simply beautiful. .... link
to spur economic growth, Malaysia is inviting foreign retirees to live there as “permanent tourists.” The program, originally set up
to attract western Europeans and Japanese, has recently been expanded to other foreign citizens.
.... three good reasons why adventurous retirees should consider Malaysia. First, the language.
Thanks to the British legacy, just about everybody speaks passable English. The country is populated by an ethnic mix of Malays, Chinese, Indians,
and various indigenous tribal peoples. Although the official language is Bahasa Melayu, English serves as the lingua franca .....
the government obviously wants to bring in hard currency, but financial requirements aren’t overly prohibitive.
You need about $31,000 in annual income per couple -- or about $15,500 per person, to qualify. Or you can transfer approximately $40,000
into a Malaysian bank account. (See the sidebar on the next page for details.)

really the idea is first to find a place that wants you there ...... a place that treats you like a welcome guest ..... makes it easy for you to stay and relax a bit .....


makassar evening scene ...... (sw sulawesi) ...

best feelings - bestfeelings

best feelings - bestfeelings

kuching on west coast of borneo .....

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best feelings - bestfeelings


manado ........ north sulawesi ....
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yogya .......... hmmm ............

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Gender: Female Age: 38 Country: Thailand State / Region: Chiang Mai City: Chiang Mai Ethnicity: Asian Appearance: Attractive Height: 157 cm (5'2") Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs) Eye color: Black
Hair color: Black Education: University - Some Occupation: own bussiness Religion: Buddhist
Zodiac: Capricorn Born in the year of: Ox Marital status: Single Have children: No Wants children: Undecided Willing to relocate: Not sure Smoking: Non smoker Drinking: Light / social drinker

banjarmasin actress ...


seriously, Canada is a place to fall back on when you're ready to be celibate and logical .....
(why - because love is something risky and uncertain in that place .... rather than a simple enjoyment that is enjoyed normally. why, who knows. maybe it's a managed society to maximize productivity. also it's not very ancient and all the magic spirits were destroyed by the church.

and driven away by the looks of it. maybe some elders of the natives know the ancient magic, but it doesn't look like the foreign masters encourage it much. the cherokee will tell you about that also ...



Most of what we call the world's great religions were born in the magic and mythic eras.
They were born about fifty thousand years ago, all the way up to about two thousand years ago.
And it's not that the great shamans, saints, and sages of those periods weren't realized.
They could, all of them, be plunged into that vast emptiness—because emptiness doesn't change.
So a great saint, like Gautama Buddha, for example, could plunge into nirvana and be just as in touch
with that emptiness as anybody can be today. But the world of form, the actual manifest world, is evolving.
So they didn't fall short of the mark in terms of their own realization of emptiness. It's just that the world of form
has so dramatically changed that they are short of the mark on that side of the street, so to speak.
So that's where they definitely need updating. And both of those two people whom you quoted are quite right,
in my opinion, that the rules of the manifest domain that were developed in the magic
and mythic eras are really inadequate for today's world. So in that sense,
the great traditions are woefully inadequate.

....................... .......................... ...................... ..................

namo amidapaya datagadaya dadyata amridodpawe
amrida sidtampawe amrida wigrande
amrida wigranda gamine gagana girda-gare swaha

Embodiment Training focuses on the following nine practices. All practitioners explore the first six of these practices. The last three depend on circumstances and personal inclinations. 1. Gazing at the Beloved The central technique of Embodiment Training is an interactive gazing practice from the Sufi and Tantric traditions that you explore with a partner. Friends will sit down together, look into each other's eyes, hold each other's gaze, and simply surrender to whatever sensations and perceptions begin to occur. Friends are urged to explore the practice for long periods of time: hours can turn into days, days can turn into weeks, weeks can become months. Over time, the conventional sense of self dissolves, and you realize your fundamental identity as the enlightened consciousness of union. This is the primary practice that the Sufi poet and mystic Rumi explored with his beloved friend Shams during their intensive retreats together. The practice has been most graphically presented in images of the quintessential Hindu lovers, Radha and Krishna, bonded together as one through the shared connection of their gaze. The basic manual for this practice is Rumi, Gazing at the Beloved: The Radical Practice of Beholding the Divine by Will Johnson
(Inner Traditions, 2003). This book is also available in a French translation as Rumi, Union des regards, fusion des ames (Editions du Gange, 2005) if you want to know god,  Then turn your face toward your friend, And don't look away. Jalaluddin Rumi
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If you are interested to know more of a girl like me. I'm glad to reply you.
If there is someone have a plan to travel to Tibet on August you can message me. i wanna travel there and look for companion...


best feelings - bestfeelings best feelings - bestfeelings

best feelings - bestfeelings best feelings - bestfeelings

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dating dating

dating dating
after a long night. December. hmlea33: Shake 'n' Bake

..................... 112 ..... and others ... elsewhere ........

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